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We charge by the job. Call Don for a free estimate or job-walk anywhere in San Diego County. All jobs are priced specifically to your job. We do not charge by the hour, only by the job. Call us anytime at (619) 589-1844

About Us

Strait-Line Concrete Cutting and Coring is a San Diego County locally owned business, and is a leader in the concrete cutting industry for over 30 years, and have over 40 years of experience in the concrete cutting field. We specialize in all phases of Concrete Cutting, and Coring, and also Break and Removal. 

We at Strait-Line believe that every job should be treated as a very important one. Because it is. We work for the customer. We want to get the job done, as quickly and as efficiently as possible. With our skilled workers, there is no job that cannot be done, or be done well.​


Our Advantages


Strait-Line offers a wide array of equipment. Ranging from Flat-Sawing, to Core Drilling, to Wall Sawing. We also have a vast supply of hand saws that will be specifically tailored to the customer's needs. This includes Chop Saws, Ring Saws, and Chain Saws, Electric, Hydrolic, and Gas powered. This means we can take care of any specific application that you might encounter.

We conduct business  honestly and with integrity, while always putting the customer first.

Family Owned, Established in 1985

Strait-Line concrete cutting & coring inc.

Wall Saw Specialists